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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scrapbooking Papers Add Creativity to Your Photos

Scrapbooking Papers Add Creativity to Your Photos

Scrapbooking has become an industry unto itself in recent years. It has certainly been the new trend to be sweeping across the nation. In part, it is so popular because it is a wonderful way to creatively display photos and record memories. High quality scrapbooking paper is an absolute necessity for beautifully unique scrapbooking.

There are so many different types of scrapbooking paper out there, and that is one of the best ways to be able to capture the personality of the memory that you're archiving in your scrapbook.

In scrapbooking papers, one of the most prevalent types of paper is card stock. It's a heavyweight paper that serves as a foundation for many layouts. High quality card stock comes in various colors and is usually solidly colored.

The way to tell the difference between mediocre and high quality scrapbooking paper is that the top brands will have a "white core." That means you would see a white line between the two layers of color if you were to tear the paper in half. If you are looking for card stock with a delicate texture pattern, it is available.

When choosing the proper paper for scrapbooking projects, one must be sure not to forget their patterned papers. Currently, you can pick from a huge variety of eye-catching patterns. Many patterned scrapbook papers are double sided as well which provides a great deal of flexibility for the creative scrapbooker. With patterned scrapbook paper, you can bring in some spirit and energy into your memory page.

You need to ensure that your scrapbooking paper is of a certain quality since it is one of the most important supply items. Pairing your photos with the right paper can take your scrapbook to the next level. To ensure that your papers will have a long shelf life without suffering from discoloration or causing damage to your photos you will want to choose acid and lignin free scrapbooking papers.

As soon as you have selected you scrapbooking paper, you will want to learn about ways of customizing it. There are multiple ways to go about personalizing your scrapbooking papers. An easy way to add zest to your scrapbook page is to combine papers in interesting ways. Combine unexpected patterns and colors for a new and different flair.

You can use paper punches to detail individual papers in your scrapbook if you are interested in customizing it. There are a huge variety of paper punches so you can personalize your scrapbooking paper in many different ways.

Scrapbooking your pictures is an amazing way to acknowledge your memories. Your photos are going to be showcased by your scrapbooking paper, therefore it is vitally important. By keeping a few important tips in mind while selecting your materials, your scrapbook will be like none other!

Michelle Schmidt is a professional scrapbook designer who teaches others how to use their computer to create great layouts. For more creative ideas for scrapbooking paper, visit her site at http://www.pixelpaintpapers.com.

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